Our Favorite Nodding Flowers

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Not all flowers are like daisies with their blooms facing up to meet the sun. In face, some are more shy, with bowed heads studying their roots.  Downward facing and lovely, these demure cultivars have earned a special place in our hearts.

Sparkling Diamond Hellebore


While most  Helleborus  or Lenten Roses tend to bear downward facing blossoms, Sparkling Diamond is especially camera shy. Its bashfulness is matched only by the angelic beauty. Who can resist those long elegant petals which look like fresh milk spilling from a pitcher? This Lenten Rose may hide her face, but she is glorious to behold nonetheless!



Rhododendron cinnabarinum


Once you’ve seen one rhodie you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong! I guarantee this variety will throw you for a loop. Its trusses of bell-shaped blooms are loud in just about every way – their color, their distinct yet pleasant cinnamon scent – yet they face downward as if ashamed of something. Chin up, darling; your only crime is stealing the show!